I am Tahasi Massk. I love to play with words. I write in many genres, mainly for pleasure. I teach for a living and my work allows me to see the intricate patterns of words in motion. Language at times feels like a dance, words twirling together with ever changing partners, and in ever changing patterns. And in spite of the apparent chaos, meaning emerges from the rhythm. Sometimes, simply seeing the dance, you hear the music, and it moves you as well.
My current project is a series of short daily notes to the love of my life. They are admittedly sappy, and may seem unrealistic at points. I understand those things. The goal is to take time each day to think about how amazing she is. To see the best in her, and then make absolutely sure she knows the good I see. The current format is a blog, and each day she reads it and hopefully it helps her feel happier.
I want to share them more broadly, not because I believe our love is better than other people’s, but because I want to live in a world that celebrates love. I hope some people might be moved, and want to find their own way to appreciate, and celebrate the love they have. My experience is that through appreciation, and celebration, love grows.
In every post there is a little bit of hidden word play. If you find it, GOOD JOB! Please don’t mention what you find in a comment, so that other people can have the joy of finding it on their own as well!