July 8th

July 8th

I am Tahasi Massk.

The way that our strengths compliment each other makes me smile. In a thousand small ways, we fit together. She wakes up early, eager to take on the day. She runs, she reads, she studies, she works and she plans. Morning is like a surge of energy for her. Some mornings I struggle to even wake up. I might be awake, and my body might even be doing something, yet my brain is often stuck in sleep mode. Those differences can be a great asset, or a source of struggle. It depends on how we use them, and how we choose to see them. When I fail to appreciate her talents it drives a wedge between us. Neither of us can use our gifts effectively. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When I am seeing our individual skills as parts of a potent team, our abilities don’t just add, they multiply. And that creates a cycle of appreciation. I appreciate her more, and that enables her to be even better. Which leads to more appreciation…


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