July 4th

July 4th

I am Tahasi Massk.

Infectious laughter fills our home. The kitchen,  the bathroom, the couches, the bedrooms. No place is immune. Laughter catches us by surprise, in places where some think it does not belong. In the middle of worship, she whispers something in my ear. The combination of her words and her breath, make hiding the increasing curve of my mouth impossible. Then the endearing, devilish twinkle of her eyes reaches parts of my brain I cannot control. A single snicker escapes. I try biting my tongue to stop it. It is no use. My shoulders shudder with barely contained laughter. Glances, and a few glares get sent our way. I don’t dare to look at her. When I finally do, a satisfied smile paints her lips, and I love her even more. Laughter will fill our heaven too.


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