June 30th

June 30th

I am Tahasi Massk

Why are kindness, empathy, understanding, patience and softness so hard at times? Why do I forget just how amazing she is when it is right there in front of me, beside me, and around me? She is not perfect. Neither am I. And at times I grumble, I fault-find, and I criticize. But I can choose. I can choose to wake up, and fill myself with gratitude, so there is no room for grumbling. I can choose to let her faults disappear behind her fabulous. I can choose to cheer her triumphs rather than criticize. And those little decisions make all the difference. They don’t change her. She remains the amazing woman who loves me in spite of all my mistakes. But those decisions change me. One moment, one hour, one day at a time. And each decision makes the next one a little easier. So that a year abounding with active kindness, empathy and all the rest is not just a dream.


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