June 14th

June 14th

I am Tahasi Massk,

Running is delightful entertainment for her. I have bad knees. Doing things outside brings us closer. Every day I ride my bike to work. She asked for the bike for a birthday gift, so we could be together outside. The wind our movement creates breathes over our skin. Cooling us, and making us feel alive together. Every time we ride she apologizes that she isn’t faster. That she is slowing me down. And I know she feels weak because I have ridden more miles and more hills. And I can never quite make her understand that none of that matters. That riding with me means more because she does it in spite of those feelings. Because she is beside me, with the sun upon us, and the wind around us, and breath filling us up inside, and she is with me. And today I looked over, seeing her, and the sky, and the long grass rippling in the breeze. And breath and joy filled me up until a little spilled out my eyes, because I have all I need.


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