June 13th

June 13th

I am Tahasi Massk,

There are days where I cannot believe that she loves me. But she still does. We have known each other for decades now. She has seen the worst of me—the ugly, the stupid, and the sad—and still is with me. She has heard the worst in me—the callous, the critical, and the mean—and still listens. She has known the worst in me—the failing, the faithlessness, and the lost—and still believes in me. How do I ever repay such love? There really is no way. But I can show her that I see, hear, and know her love. I can express my soul-deep thanks. How? I will write the things I know. And I will remember. I will try each day to make her smile. To share her struggles, and lift her heart. I will try to capture in words the depth and breadth of my love for her. I will think about how amazing she is, and I will make absolutely sure she knows.


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